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Design to run off Atmel Arduino base flight controllers its a lighten version of mission planner aim fir DIY Drone builders.

Base off the MultiwiiWinGUI EOS Bandi  this is a redesign and Patch up version with the broken map fixed and a little theme change.

design to work off with Multiwii V2.4 with the version number 231

(see: Multiwii.h  #define  VERSION  231)

Changes: Repaired google satellite map

Additional maps:
Wiki Mapia Map


Missions , Telemetry , Logs


 Original multiwii sketch

download-button-orange  Multiwii 2.2
download-button-orange  Multiwii 2.3

Updated FlywiiGUI 2017

download-button-orange FLYWiiGUI 231 App (For MW2.3 & 2.4) W/ Mission Planner GPS Support
download-button-orange FLYWIIGUI Arduino Code
download-button-orange  FLYWIIGUI Lite (For MW2.2) Basic GPS Support


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