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 PS Foam request-quote-button  lightweight Paperless thin foam great for light weight profile aircraft and quick builds. for more larger or heavier builds its recommend to laminate the foam with Vinyl sticker or packing tape.Use water base Paint when painting the aircraft. or dust spray from 2 ft is spray can is use. (Note: shipping to certain area would be restricted . boards would be cut haft to 24″x 36″ size) Depron Foam only

  • 48″x 36″ 3mm
  • 24″x 36″ 3mm

W/ Paper Foamboard

  • 24″x 36″ 3mm
  • 24″x 36″ 5mm
  • 24″x 36″ 8mm
DSC04227 2012-10-28-16.18.08
EPP Foam request-quote-button Because they are safer, last longer and can take more abuse that other material. They are simple. They are durable. They can be built and repaired in a fraction of the time of other materials. the secret is in the properties of the material to absorb impact forces. for small light models can basically stand alone w/o laminate and stiffeners , larger heavier builds  may  require stiffening with wood or Carbon rods due to its compressive nature. thus mainly use for 3d planes and flying wings. can accept spray can type paint.(some people use it to repair their existing RTF/ARF EPP Plane)

  • 24″x 36″ 6mm
  • 24″x 36″ 9mm

Bargain Bin : old defected items but still usable for small aircraft

  • 18″x 24″ 5mm (Limited)
2013-02-08-11.49.20 F22 Raptor 
XPO Foam request-quote-button Like its EPP counterpart its also a durable material ,because its much denser a carefully constructed wing can stand alone w/o the use of extra stiffeners reducing the amount of materials needed to build. its also forgiving in the construction process if you use hot glue . you can remelt the glue with a heat gun slightly to take it apart. great for experimental aircraft design.Other uses is the RC field Box or Control Station foam fittings useful for those custom flight equipment transport casing.

  • 24″x 36″ 5mm
20141030_095225 20140920_184815
Wing Coresrequest-quote-button available in EPS and EPP form. are far more presentable and efficient than the common flat or KF wings they offer a better scale look for scratch builds. rumor had it these wings tend to float/glide even on its self. for stiffening use carbon Rods or wood.
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CarbonFiberrequest-quote-button Excellent for reinforcing a fuselage or bulkhead. strong yet very light thickness

  • 400mmx 500mm 0.3mm
  • 400mmx 500mm 0.5mm

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